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We are a group of professionals with our feet firmly planted in the “real world.” However, we are passionate about saving the rhino from extinction and use our talents towards this end. We volunteer our time and work with carefully chosen organizations on the ground. In the short amount of time we have been operating, we have been game changers. We move mountains!


We donate monthly to our partners, working in collaboration to define what they need. The needs change and evolve.
We are there to facilitate what we can, thus enabling them to expand and serve the needs of their rhinos.

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75% of the rhinos in South Africa are in the hands of private rhino owners. (PRO) These intrepid individuals get no help from the government and because they are “private” they get no funds from charitable donations. Because rhinos have become so expensive to keep, many are in financial trouble. Rhino Connect works with 40 PROs and our collaboration gives us access to helping these rhino heroes.

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In the Kalahari region of South Africa is a 100,000 hectare property running a cutting-edge conservation project. This land was reclaimed from beef farms in the area. Now, with a truly wild and happily reproducing group of 130 rhinos, this reserve is a glimpse into how the world once was! Keeping the rhinos, and all the animals at the reserve, safe is a BRR priority.

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BRR is intrinsically involved in the rehabilitation and release phases of the orphaned calves at the CFW rhino sanctuary, the biggest rhino sanctuary in the world. Defenseless babies arrive injured and compromised. The rehabilitation process is complicated and expensive. Once the rhinos are rehabilitated, a process taking two years, they are released into a stronghold that is protected 24/7.

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The largest sanctuary for orphans from private rhino owners, RPF rescues, rehabilitates and releases into a highly protected stronghold. Keeping rhinos safe is an expensive undertaking, so private rhino owners are often forced into giving their rhinos away. RPF also takes the rhinos from these owners, giving them a safe harbor.

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Saving the Survivors NPC (STS) was founded by veterinarian Dr. Johan Marais in 2012 with the goal to provide care and treatment for wildlife that have suffered due to the impact of man, mainly through poaching. As a field-based project, STS assists various wildlife species across Africa and Asia. Dr. Marais and his new team of experts began to tackle the poaching crisis from a veterinary perspective.


Together we can make a difference!

Through symbolic “adoption,” making a monthly or one-time donation, or honoring a loved one, you become part of the systematic plan to save the rhino from extinction.