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Thursday, 26 May 2016   /   published in Kruger, Poaching

500 Poachers Killed in KNP?

From a 2015 September report in Rand Daily Mail

Armed rangers have killed nearly 500 mostly young Mozambicans for poaching from 2010-2015. Kruger National Park, South Africa’s main tourist draw, has witnessed a massive surge in rhino poaching to meet the demand for horn in Vietnam and China where the belief that Rhino horn (keratin) has amazing curative powers. This claim that 500 poachers have been killed is quite astonishing and may be questionable at best.

Poaching gangs are heavily armed and rangers may fire only if threatened. Kruger Park shares a 210 mile border with Mozambique, an impoverished nation where many are driven to try rhino poaching because it is lucrative. The numbers killed have had no  deterrent effect. The former president is concerned that these dead men means more poverty for the families.

South African villages near the Park are also involved in poaching. In 2014, Mozambique approved new laws and tougher penalties against poachers: heavy fines and prison sentences  of up to 12 years.

And yet the poaching of three or more Rhino per day persists…