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Braveheart’s name truly fits the character of this beautiful, full grown but young, black rhino. Born into the game reserve, he was by his mother’s side continually, as is the case with all baby rhinos. His mother loved him very much; so much that she was prepared to die for him. When the two ran into an elephant at a watering pan, and Braveheart was threatened, his mother tried to chase the elephant away and was killed. The young rhino was only a year old, too young to be alone in the bush. Battling lions and hyenas, it’s a miracle he was able to defend himself.

But this is no ordinary youngster. He wandered alone for a while, and could be spotted in the reserve, young and terrified. Luckily he found another black rhino cow and began tagging after her and her young calf. The female did not want the young bull trailing them and tried to chase him off. But Braveheart persevered. Eventually her resistance wore down and she allowed him into her family circle. At two years old, Braveheart is now big enough to venture away from his crash. He still comes back but is often alone now, following his instinct to find a territory of his own.