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Eve was moved with her mom, to a new farm. Unsettled in her new surroundings, Eve’s mother continues to restlessly pace the fence line, with her young calf, trailing behind! The decision was made to put the mother and calf into a boma, to keep them from moving around. But Eve’s mother continued to be restless, and kept breaking out of the boma. In this unnatural situation her milk dried up. She was no longer able to suckle her young calf. It was decided to move the calf to Dr Jana.

When the rhinos were originally moved, Eve sustained a dog bite. She arrived at The Rhino Pride Foundation with a gaping wound. When Dr Jana cut it open, she found an abscess that went to the bone. Dr Jana went to work, sterilizing, treating and then stitching up the wound.

With her wound treated Dr Jana could do what she was longing to: introduce this young rhino to Adam. Adam was alone, with sheep for company. It was time for him to understand: I am a rhino!

It took a little time, and some perseverance from young Eve, who knew: We belong together! When Adam realized that Eve was much more familiar than his best friends the sheep, a deep friendship between the two rhinos started. Now they are never without one another. They walk side by side, and eat side by side. Eve is very possessive of Adam and keeps a careful watch over him when he decides to have a joust with another rhino! Eve has found her Adam!