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KASSIE is gentle soul, loved by all who have the privilege of encountering him.

He is a young white rhino who came to RPF from a private farm. There was poaching on the farm, and the owner decided it was best to get the rhinos to a safe haven. A game reserve with excellent anti-poaching units was decided on. Kassie and his mother were amongst the group of rhinos that were translocated. When the rhinos were introduced to their new home, Kassie became separated from his mother. Kassie cried out for her, and ran trying to find her. It’s a large area, so it was impossible for the young calf to re-unite with his mother, and he became an orphan.

He arrived at the RPF in a state of severe stress and dehydration. Lucky for him, a black rhinos calf from the same farm arrived shortly after. The baby black and baby white rhinos were wary of each other for the first day, but because they needed company, they soon bonded and have been inseparable ever since. Kassie needs to have Mickey by his side, and panics if Mickey is out of sight. It is a true bromance.

They are like toddlers – getting up to mischief, but it’s always good mischief! They definitely like getting what they want! And any time spent watching them is the best time imaginable!

Kassie lost his mother, but he is a happy rhino now, with lots of room to roam, soak in deep mud, and have a rhino life.