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At the end of 2018 a very young, female white rhino calf was spotted running around on her own in the Kruger Park. Rangers were alerted. A helicopter was dispatched and the tiny two month old baby was rescued. It seems she had been walking around tiny and unprotected for 3 days! What a miracle that this defenseless young one arrived at the sanctuary in good condition with no wounds.

Ribbon didn’t waste time, she started drinking milk from a bottle and after just a day, she even managed to take off her own blindfold! With all the stress behind her, she began sleeping like a baby.

She was in the ICU baby boma for a few months before Lazuli arrived. She took to trying to visit the barn at every opportunity and was definitely one naughty rhino.

With the arrival of Lazuli, Ribbon got the company she wanted. It was no more  barn for her! Rather she settled down in the big boma at the bottom with her new and best friend!

These inseparable two love nothing more that taking a long, splashy mud bath together!