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Mayar, meaning moon glow, was rescued on the 7th of June 2019 from the Greater Kruger area. About 20 months old when she arrived, it’s unknown how long she braved the dangerous bush alone before she was found. She came into the sanctuary dehydrated, but thankfully with no injuries.

For the first few days, all she did was sleep deeply, recovering from the stress of being alone. When she took her first steps out of her nightpen and into the bom she wasted no time and began calling to the other rhinos which were close by!

The older rhinos immediately welcomed her into their crash when they were introduced. Mayar is a clever character and with the onset of frigid winter nights, she returned to her own night pen to feast on her buffet of lucerne and hay – and of course to sleep under her heater!

Mayar is too old to drink from a bottle but loves the milk lolly’s that her caretakers feed her to help rebuild her reserves.

Mayar’s new best friend, Blossom, arrived soon after and they were introduced to each other on the 4th of July. Mayar and Blossom formed a crash together with Ribbon and Lazuli and the four rhinos love taking mud baths!