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Being a young sub adult of three years old, and already weaned didn’t help this beautiful black rhino when her mother was poached in front of her.

On a private farm, Minnie was by her mother’s sidewhen her mother was poached. At three years old, she was able to survive on her own, but the sudden death of her mother was a shock. Black rhinos are solitary animals, and following her instinct, Minnie headed into the bush alone. The wild was scary without her mother’s solid and reliable presence by her side. Terrfied, Minnie wandered around, trying to find her footing in a strange new world. It became clear that she was beginning to struggle. Trying to find companionship, she linked up with other rhinos, but they were not interested in the young rhino female, and she was bullied and pushed around. This was until she The owners of the rhino property made a judgement call: she needed help. They called Dr Jana and she took the beautiful young black rhino into her care.

Dr Jana was thinking ahead: Minnie might be a perfect female for the young black rhino in her sanctuary: Mickey. Hopefully the two would mate, bring black babies into the world, and eventually be let lose to wander in the wild again, but behind secure fences, so they would not face the barrel of a gun.