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Tiny Sheba was only 3 days old when a fight broke out between her mother and father. In the chaos Sheba got separated from her mom and was left behind with the bull, who of course couldn’t feed her.
Dr Pretorius drove 250 miles in the middle of the night to collect Sheba and bring her to the Rhino Pride Foundation.

It’s not clear why Sheba’s mom would have left her behind with the bull.

She was shot 17 months before Sheba was born. She was pregnant and aborted the fetus. She obviously became pregnant almost immediately, which is a miracle.

Dr Pretorius believes there was some lingering trauma with the mom, which might account for why she left little Sheba behind during the fight with the father.

Sheba is happy and settled now at RPF.

She is established in her crash, enjoys her long, slow walks across the very green grass, and loves the company of the 6 rhinos who are always by her side.She happily spends the afternoons in the shade of one of the very tall trees on the big, expansive lawn.