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Thursday, 22 September 2016   /   published in Kids Events

Ambassadors spread the word on World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is the time to celebrate this majestic, prehistoric, keystone creature. Baby Rhino Rescue’s mission is to invite people to participate in saving the rhino from extinction. The Youth
Ambassador program appeals to young kids to do just that.

Speaking at their schools in Dubai and San Fransisco, Baby Rhino Rescue’s passionate and brave young ambassador’s rose to the occasion. In their own words they explained to their peers why rhinos should be saved from extinction.

Well done Ambassadors for having the courage to take the lead and for sharing your knowledge and ideas with your peers!

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Eve explaining World Rhino Day to her peers.[/znhg_column][znhg_column size=”col-sm-4″]

Isaac explaining why it is important to save rhinos from extinction.[/znhg_column][znhg_column size=”col-sm-4″]

Zayn speaking about Baby Rhino Rescue’s mission[/znhg_column]