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Monday, 6 July 2020   /   published in Rhino News

Announcing the Cutting Edge Conservation Project!

The world has been in a state of status and shock. BRR however has not been stalled! Our commitment to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, that rehabilitates and releases rhinos orphaned in the Kruger National Park, and Rhino Pride Foundation, which rehabilitates rhinos that come from private rhino owners, continues at a pace.
After extensive research, Baby Rhino Rescue has committed to a third partnership!

Rhinos that are FREE and SAFE and WILD!

We are supporting a 100-strong population of rhinos in a cutting-edge conservation project in South Africa. This project, in an undisclosed location  is on a 100 000 hectare (235,000 acre) reserve — the largest privately owned big 5 game reserve in South Africa. It is more than 16 times the size of Manhattan!

The reserve has an “A class” population of successfully breeding white and black rhinos.Both the black and white rhino population have doubled since they were introduced in the reserve. To date, the reserve has not had a single rhino poached.

The remoteness and secretiveness of the location is paramount in keeping the animals safe. The reserve is managed according to a contemporary ecological plan.

A Game-Changing Project!

This reserve purposely limits exposure to minimize the risk of poaching, with a select few people or oganisations invited to visit — or involved. BRR has the unique privilege of working with the reserve in a game-changing way:

• Baby Rhino Rescue already has funded 6 months of anti-poaching patrols.

• We also funded an annual rhino disease vaccination program, which includes the helicopter costs, darts, and vaccines.

• If you are interested in this significant opportunity to keep 100 wild rhinos safe, we are looking for donors to contribute to the next 6 months of security funding for the reserve. The reserve lost almost all income due to COVID-19. BRR’s donation helps keep the rhinos safe and healthy!

To see rhinos in a pristine, wild landscape, one is struck with the tragedy of what rhinos have lost. BRR is committed to the preservation of rhinos. Putting our support behind this cutting-edge project takes this commitment to the next logical level — protecting wild rhinos, too.

The Reserve Needs Your Help!

Keeping rhinos safe costs a fortune. Rhinos in public reserves receive government funding, plus the majority of funds raised for anti-poaching by various NGO’s. However, in South Africa nearly 50% of the rhino population is privately owned.

Private owners must protect their rhinos, yet they get no assistance from the government. To date, the reserve’s anti-poaching strategy has been effective, with not even one rhino poached, while another reserve in the area lost 19 rhinos in a single year — with the most recent incident being a black rhino cow poached, leaving behind a 1-year-old calf. The fear is that the poaching pressure will move on to the reserve we are assisting as rhino numbers get depleted in the surrounding area. Click HERE to contact us if you’d like to support this unique project!

Special Thank You’s!

Here’s a very special “Thank You” to you, our loyal donors, from the staff at Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Because of your support, Baby Rhino Rescue has helped Care for Wild in large and small ways. This is just one of many expressions of gratitude from folks on the front line. Be sure to turn your sound on before you click play.

Click here to Play the Video

Baby Rhino Rescue extends its deepest thanks to The Isackson Family, including Rob and Shellan and sons Theo, Matthew, and Amarech. Their commitment to our work enables so much!

Exciting news: Baby Rhino Rescue has donated funds to construct our third stronghold at Care for Wild.

Our wonderful donor Matt Grossman, who donated the funds for the stronghold, matched all donations raised by monthly donors and FaceBook donors. To have made possible THREE STRONGHOLDS means substantial freedom for the rhinos.

We are very excited that award-winning writer and researcher Helen Lunn, author of “Dance with the Dung Beetles” is researching and writing specifically for Baby Rhino Rescue. We will be featuring articles written by Helen for BRR on our website.

Helen interviewed Jana Pretorius of Rhino Pride Foundation on the process of rehabilitating orphaned rhinos.
A wildlife vet, in collaboration with the San Diego zoo, Jana’s body of knowledge is formidable. We will share Helen’s interview in an upcoming special edition of the Baby Rhino Rescue newsletter.

We were able to donate a month of milk for four baby rhinos thanks to the support of Cindy Lee and her foundation,
Wags and Menace Makes a Difference Foundation!

Cindy is a loyal advocate for rhino preservation whose generous donations enable us to sponsor significant milk feeding and rhino care.

Click Here to Learn More about Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation.

Thank you, from Diesel!

We want to thank our donor Catherine Brown for years of support that made the rhinos safer at Care for Wild.

Her donations brought us Diesel, a tracker dog that sniffed his way to poacher camps and thwarted attempts to breach the walls.

Because of Catherine, the rhinos are safe while Diesel is a well-fed star!