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    If you haven't read Baby Rhino Rescue founder Helena Kriel's book yet, you must! As one reviewer wrote: "This book!!! These beautiful words! This story proves to us that anyone can make a difference. From a rock bottom, emotionally drained, empty space back to finding her true self again, this is much more than a memoir. It’s a handbook to living life differently, to the plight of vulnerable and exploited animals and doing something to change things. I want to pack up and go into the wild and sit with Rhinos. I want to meet the remarkable people who are at the coal face. This book is pure magic, well researched, beautifully written and very highly recommended." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

    We are auctioning off a copy of the book with a personalized note from Helena AND a conversation with her! She is truly a powerhouse and will inspire any rhino lover to "pack up and go sit in the wild with rhinos".



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