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Wednesday, 6 March 2024   /   published in BRR Rhino Stories

Caleb and Samson


If there’s one thing we know about rhinos it’s that they form deep and lasting friendships, and that’s exactly the kind of friends that these two young males, Caleb and Samson have become. Caleb’s mother was killed in a bullfight and Samson’s mother didn’t survive the intense cold of last winter and so the two young orphans keep each other company at the sanctuary where they currently live. Now they are being weaned and are receiving some supplementary feed as a bridging program before they fend fully for themselves. BRR sponsored the bales of feed, and while these two are not aware of who supplied them, we are grateful to be able to make sure these young friends are getting the best start in life.


Is there a rhino equivalent for ‘dog days’? Ask Caleb and Samson, our two young sanctuary buddies keeping cool in the late summer heat.

After a very hot day the quiet of the African bush and two best buds Caleb and Samson enjoying BRR sponsored supplemental feed.

“Aw please Caleb let’s play!!!”
Kids will be kids and little rhinos like nothing more than playing. This young rhino, whose wild mother is with it at the sanctuary, loves playing with slightly older Caleb who definitely enjoys being the ‘big brother.’