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Thursday, 13 May 2021   /   published in Extinction, Poaching, South Africa

Cameras for Anti-Poaching in Place

Earlier this year Baby Rhino Rescue made a donation to our private Game Reserve partner for the purchase of ten License Plate Recognition cameras. As poaching amps up in that area of the country, state of the art poaching devices are needed. The cameras add to the anti-poaching units that BRR also funds. The wildlife reserves and farms in the area have been hit by poaching, with one farm sustaining the slaughter of 37 rhinos.

The cameras on this reserve are part of a bigger network called the Kameeldoring Network, which is a security network that assists private rhino owners in the area. These cameras are spaced over a vast area and the information gathered by them can be accessed by all members of the Network. In addition, the group works with law enforcement agencies and continually gathers information on poachers and poaching syndicates with regular intelligence feedback to all members. Members also have access to the national database of suspect vehicles, which includes all crimes such as hijacking, vehicle theft, drug smuggling, human trafficking and of course, poaching. These cameras are a security game changer for the reserve!