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Thursday, 19 May 2016   /   published in Horn

Canines Stop Wildlife Traffickers

The first class of dogs graduated in July 2015 from the African Wildlife Foundation’s anti-trafficking program, Conservation Canines. Eight graduates operate at airports and seaports in Kenya and Tanzania effectively sniffing out wildlife products.

Since January 2016, through their keen sense of smell, these dogs have successfully discovered 14  separate wildlife products, including ivory, pangolin scales and bush meat.  They find the smallest trace of wildlife products including ivory that is already carved!

Airports in turn are developing stronger security measures. And the staff is embracing the help of these extraordinary canines. Handlers work closely with Kenya Wildlife Service and Tanzania Wildlife Division creating a mean anti-trafficking team.

The second class of amazing sniffer dogs is in training. This could mean more effective control of illegal Rhino horn.

(Excerpted 4/15/16 Samantha Rose, African Wildlife Foundation)