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Petronel (shown here bottle-feeding a hungry baby) is trained in animal husbandry, and is proficient at the capture, hand-rearing and management of infant, injured and orphaned rhinos. She developed Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary as a much-needed sanctuary for the care and rehabilitation of orphaned baby rhinos coming from the Kruger Park and surrounding farms.

Petronel grew up in a household full of animals. Her love and dedication to them started at a very young age. Her career began in the Endangered Species Protection Unit, a specialized unit of the South African Police, where she achieved the rank of captain.

She left the police service in 1999 to create The Game Capture School, the first comprehensive school in South Africa to offer courses on all aspects of wildlife capture and care. She ran that school for ten years. Now, at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, she operates an animal sanctuary, taking in orphaned rhinos and managing their rehabilitation. These young rhinos come to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary very traumatized after witnessing the brutal slaughter of their mothers. Petronel does not stint, doing whatever it takes to rehabilitate them, she will offer 24/7 love and care. She has a great ability to understand a rhino’s particular needs.

Baby Rhino Rescue is proud to sponsor Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary and all the baby rhinos who have found their way there. There are few humans who have Petronel Niewoudt’s level of expertise, love and devotion. She is a rhino guardian angel.

If you want to volunteer with rhinos at the CFW SANCTUARY, please email: