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Helena Kriel’s latest book chronicles her volunteer work with baby rhinos who have been orphaned by poaching.

She discovers she can access these sentient beings by using ancient meditation techniques. They inspire her to look for a connection to nature where she ultimately finds a sense of home and learns that “You grow where life puts you down.” Meet Petronel Niewoudt who works on the coal face, saving babies. Meet 11 baby rhinos. This is a book with many happy endings!

Buy it for kindle on Amazon. Or at bookstores all across South Africa.


Beyond its Exceptional Beauty, Kruger National Park is on the Ropes and Hurting

Crags of ancient rock and twisting rivers, 1,000-year-old trees and a rug of bushveld the size of Israel… it’s been part of South Africa’s DNA for generations. And a way of life. Load the car, strap the kids into the back seat and head for…


An Extraordinary Victory in the Heartbreaking World of Rhino Poaching

Poached for their horns, rhinos teeter on the brink of extinction. One white rhino is a beacon of hope, the poster rhino for what can be accomplished when humans work together.  On Monday, January 24, after 30 operations and with the aid and collaboration of…


The Tale of Seha

Our founder, Helena Kriel, writes about Seha, a truly heroic rhino. Stay tuned for more information about this remarkable rhino! The future of Rhinos: The Tale of Seha, a Journey of Survival


The World’s Last Rhinos are in Bad Trouble – Here’s Why

Baby Rhino Rescue’s own Helena Kriel co-authors an eye-opening and controversial article on the plight of the rhino. Be prepared – although there are no images, the description of a poaching incident will stay with you. Read it here: The World’s Last Rhinos