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In June of 2020, Baby Rhino Rescue announced a new partnership – the support of a cutting-edge conservation project in South Africa. The refuge is the largest privately-owned Big 5 reserve in the country. It is over 100,000 hectares (235,000 acres) in size and hosts a 100-plus population of White and Black Rhinos. The remoteness and secretiveness of the location is paramount in keeping the animals safe. The reserve is managed according to a contemporary ecological plan with animals that roam free and in their natural habitat. The vision is to conserve habitats typical of the region, sustain the full spectrum of animals that naturally occurred there in the past, and enable ecological processes to function with as little human intervention as possible. BRR is providing key support to multiple projects at this reserve.

  • Through a matching grant initiative, we have donated a full year’s worth of anti-poaching security. This includes salaries, fuel, rations, uniforms, operational equipment and more.
  • Rhinos are susceptible to infection from the Clostridium bacterium, and this reserve inoculates all of its rhinos yearly. BRR funded the helicopter costs for the 2020 vaccinations and hopes to fund the entire project for 2021.
  • To date BRR has purchased 10 License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras for the reserve. This enables the reserve to join the Kameeldoring Group who, through an established security network, assist private rhino owners in the larger area. These cameras are spaced over a vast area in the reserve but also serve the other reserves; the combined area being 700 square kilometers. This makes it difficult for poachers to move around without detection therefore enabling the apprehension of the poacher BEFORE he shoots the rhino.

Adopt a Rhino

Through symbolic adoption, you become part of the systematic plan to save the rhino.  All donations go to Baby Rhino Rescue to be disbursed by the Board of Directors. Symbolic support for a specific rhino means the donor will receive updates about projects and rhinos. Neither the sanctuaries we support nor Baby Rhino Rescue can guarantee funds go to a specific rhino.

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Milky, a young white rhino, is always easy to spot in the endless bush that reaches from horizon to horizon!

Wonky Horn

Wonky Horn gets her name from her wonky horn! A fully grown white rhino female, she is unique and one is never in doubt…


A young bull, Prince is always by his mother’s side. He is an adaptive fellow, and when an orphaned rhino began trailing after…


Queen is unique: a beautiful, black rhino female, at two tons she is an entity. She is also very kind. Out in the bush with her youngster…


Braveheart’s name truly fits the character of this beautiful, full grown but young, black rhino…