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Thursday, 11 August 2016   /   published in Kids Events

Learning what it takes to care for baby rhinos

BRR’s ambassadors, Isaac and Eve, spent 3 days at Care for Wild Africa sanctuary, to learn first hand what it takes to care for a rhino. The visit also gave them the opportunity to see how the work
they are doing benefits orphaned baby rhinos.

At the sanctuary, they learned about baby rhino diets, how to prepare milk and the intricacies of feeding baby rhinos; they discovered the differences in the social behavior between black and
white rhinos, the risks of infection that baby rhinos are exposed to and much more. They were also shown the huge effort required in making sure that these precious calves are kept safe and were
faced with thinking about what needs to be done to eventually return rhinos to the wild.

Both ambassadors were thrilled to meet the baby rhinos and to discover their individual, playful personalities. The baby rhinos – especially Twinkle and Lofo – were as intrigued by Isaac and Eve
and were very happy to be fed by them.

Reflecting on his time at Care for Wild Africa, Isaac said “what I enjoyed most was being face-to-face with a baby rhino calf because not many people have the opportunity to see one in person,
and it is highly endangered and not many people in the world know about the rhino.”

Evie said “I loved that you could feel what it is like to be a baby rhino…you get to feel what its like for a baby rhino to lose its Mom, and it makes me happy to see them to see them now in a lovely