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Tuesday, 31 May 2016   /   published in Kids Events

Never too young to teach

At only 7 years old, Eve is the youngest ambassador at Baby Rhino Rescue. After learning as much as she could about the rhino, and having observed presentations by her brother, Isaac, Eve
decided it was time to do her own. Today, Eve did her first solo presentation to the KG2s at Dubai American Academy showing that one is never to young too young to be involved in rhino
conservation, or the protection of endangered species.

The KG2s (5-6 years) were excellent listeners and asked some important questions. A challenge was set to answer the question: what is a group of rhinos called? The KG2s loved discovering that
it is called a crash!

The presentation was concluded with a craft exercise that involved making happy rhinos from cut outs.

Eve sharing what she knows about the rhinos.