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Rhinos have been on this planet for 55 million years! These exceptional creatures are now being poached to extinction and unless we do something, we will see their demise, not only within our lifetime but in the next 10 years!

We invite you to join us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a membership donation of $5 a month; if you want to adopt a baby rhino; if you want to donate to a special project; or roll up your sleeves like we have. Our mission is: Working together to save rhinos from extinction. We are inviting you to be part of something extraordinary.

I founded Baby Rhino Rescue after volunteering at the Care for Wild Africa (C4WA) rhino sanctuary in 2014. It was hands-on: mixing milk, putting bottles in mouths, sitting with traumatized baby rhinos that had just come in after a poaching. I got to know and love the rhinos. It was clear to me that this was an extraordinary animal: sentient, emotional, intelligent and with the ability for deep bonds. I saw the devotion, commitment and vision of Petronel Niewoudt, who founded and runs C4WA, and her team. It seemed impossible to go back to my on-going life without doing something to help.

We are writers, teachers, media consultants, designers, editors, PhD’s, master gardeners, parents and young scholars in grade school. Our aim is to work with the real people on the front lines: the rangers in the bush, the vets caring for the injured orphaned rhinos, the sanctuary experts rehabilitating traumatized rhinos. Baby Rhino Rescue was formed so that everyone could be part of the solution to a catastrophe. There is a place in this for all of us. I truly believe that miracles are possible when people come together, with passion, with pro-activity, with vision.