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Thursday, 25 February 2016   /   published in Care for Wild

Poachers now targeting babies

Care for Wild Africa reports that baby Rhinos brought into the sanctuary have increasingly serious wounds. In their zeal to get the mother’s horn, the poachers are slashing the babies with machetes. LoFo is a miracle. He managed to escape after poachers slashed him repeatedly, attempting to break his back. He was lost in Kruger Park for a week. Rangers searched for him using helicopters. LoFo (Lost and Found) is currently doing well after intensive treatment and will soon find happiness among his fellow orphans.

Poaching extends to baby rhinos: As Rhinos become increasingly scarce as a result of poaching and illegal hunting, poachers are starting to kill babies for their tiny horn. In Zimbabwe last year, a rhino ran away with her calf. They found her and shot them. The baby was killed; the mother died later from her wounds. The price of horn has risen to around 100,000 USD.