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Clostridium Vaccines – Jan 2024

Working with Rhino Connect, Baby Rhino Rescue brings forty private rhino owners under the BRR banner.

With 75% of the rhinos in South Africa in private hands, and with less than 5% of poaching happening on private property, it has become clear who is saving the rhino from extinction! These intrepid private rhino owners (PRO) have no funding and are using their own resources to keep their rhinos safe. Many are facing bankruptcy. Rhino Connect is the BRR conduit into this part of the rhino world. Identifying on a monthly basis which owner is most in need of assistance, BRR will bring resources to the table.

Clostridium Vaccines – Jan 2024

  • Clostridium Vaccines – Jan 2024
    BRR donors

Through our partner Rhino Connect, we funded the administration of vaccinations against the Clostridium bacteria to all the rhinos at a sanctuary we support. The recent death of the pregnant surrogate southern white rhino from clostridium highlights the great importance of vaccinating rhinos from this bacteria. We can’t afford to lose any more rhinos, which is why preventative measures supported by your donations are so vital.

Rhino Relocation – Nov 2023

  • Rhino Relocation – Nov 2023
    BRR donors

Because a private rhino owner ran out of money, he needed his twelve rhinos to be taken off his hands. This story is sadly not unusual. Baby Rhino Rescue stepped in and provided the funding to have the rhinos transported to a sanctuary for safe keeping. When the rhinos were off-loaded, the owner wept. But they are safe, and we thank donors for that.

Rewilding Billy – Oct 2023

  • Rewilding Billy – Oct 2023
    BRR donors

Billy had spent 28 months recovering from a bullet wound. He was finally ready to go back into the wild, but because of his size, moving him required a crane. This made moving costs astronomical for his owner. Baby Rhino Rescue, through Rhino Connect, stepped up to make it possible. Billy is now home and ranging free.

Private Rhino Owner Support – July-Sept 2023

  • Private Rhino Owner Support – July-Sept 2023
    BRR donors

We donate to our partner Rhino Connect every month, so funds can be distributed quickly and efficiently. Over the past three months we funded horn trimming, fuel for a bathawk and an anti-poaching unit, veterinary expenses, and food at multiple private rhino owner reserves.

Treatment for Little Sampson – June 2023

  • Treatment for Little Sampson – June 2023
    BRR donors

Through our partnership with Rhino Connect, our donations helped pay for veterinary treatment of a young rhino bull who recovered nicely and was released into a bigger area where he can graze naturally. We also supplied funding for air support at a property where shots were heard. A rhino bull was wounded but the injury was not life threatening. Our continued support of Rhino Connect gives the private rhino owners the help they need quickly and efficiently.

Veterinary Care for Private Rhino Owners – Jan-May 2023

  • Veterinary Care for Private Rhino Owners – Jan-May 2023
    BRR donors

Through our partner Rhino Connect, we provided veterinary care to two private rhino owners. One 4-year-old female rhino was injured during a relocation but after treatment, is now grazing happily with her new family. In another reserve, a calf broke through a fence and sustained an injury. Our funding provided the necessary care she needed.

Air Support – Oct 2022

  • Air Support – Oct 2022
    BRR donors

Through our partner Rhino Connect, Baby Rhino Rescue has provided funding for helicopter time for a variety of situations.

* We funded helicopter flying time for anti-poaching patrols in the Northwest part of South Africa. An injured young elephant was spotted on this patrol and rescued, so unexpectedly we were also able to help another species!

* We were able to provide anti-poaching helicopter support in the Gravelot region of the country.

* We provided funding for fuel to a private farm in the Northwest part of the country so they could attend to patrols via road and aerial bat-hawks!

*  When an early morning call was received that a gunshot was heard in the Limpopo region, we enabled aerial surveillance. Thankfully after foot, anti-poaching dog, and air monitoring, all rhinos were accounted for. However, gunshots and cut fences were reported on a property close by. We enabled an all-security mobilization of the area and two teams of dog (K9) units. After a 36-hour hunt, everybody stood down, and the count of rhinos started. Thankfully there were no poached rhinos there!

Veterinary Help – Oct 2022

  • Veterinary Help – Oct 2022
    BRR donors

Baby Rhino Rescue is one of the few organizations that help private rhino owners (PROs) with their expenses. And since 75% of South Africa’s rhinos are in their hands, they are a very important piece of the puzzle. With our partner Rhino Connect, we aid these heroes every month.

* BRR provided funding for wildlife veterinarian Dr. Boshoff to assist with the relocation of two young white rhino bulls. This relocation was not related to poachers – a more mature bull rhino was bullying them and had already killed a younger rhino! They were darted and moved for their safety.

* We were able to come to the aid of an injured black rhino in the Limpopo area by offering veterinary funding.

* We funded the treatment of Junior, an injured rhino in the Bela-Bela area. He had two untreated festering gunshot wounds. Junior was unable to walk properly, but after having the bullets removed, he is on his way to recovery.

* BRR funded the work of veterinarian Dr. Beverley in treating another injured rhino in the Bela-Bela area. He was struggling with a previously treated wound.

Project Horn Trimming – April 2022

  • Project Horn Trimming – April 2022
    ITs for Rhinos donors

On the 10th of March, Rhino Connect got a call that a lonely rhino bull, with a full horn, was spotted in a provincial reserve.  There was immediate fear for his safety and a team was pulled together to arrange for a horn-trimming. With help from Baby Rhino Rescue, Rhino Connect sponsored the flying time of Hope for Wildlife Helicopters. They brought the veterinarian in and also attended in-air searching and darting of the bull. His horn was successfully and safely trimmed, and he is now again roaming the area.