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Additional Waterberg Security – Feb 2023

Baby Rhino Rescue is funding an overhaul of all security points in the entire vast Waterberg region

The Waterberg biosphere (both the plateau area and the larger district) represents a significant area of conservation in South Africa. It is historically an important area for rhino conservation, which has increased exponentially, as both the Kruger and Kwa-Zulu Natal rhino populations have been decimated by poaching. For the past two years, Baby Rhino Rescue has been very active in supporting security initiatives there.

Additional Waterberg Security – Feb 2023

  • Additional Waterberg Security – Feb 2023
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Baby Rhino Rescue is funding the next level of security systems for our game reserve in the Waterberg region. This is significant because as we make this particular property safe, we make the entire area safe. This is a key area for white and black rhinos in South Africa and therefore the world. The security consists of “points” in different strategic areas that relay essential security information to the anti-poaching units and law enforcement in the area. These security points are very effective and have been responsible for the information leading to the arrest of two poachers who, with their teams, have poached many rhinos.

Golf Day – Sept 2022

  • Golf Day – Sept 2022
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With 400,000 hectares, The Waterberg is South Africa’s biggest wildlife area outside of Kruger National Park. What makes it so vital is that with 2,000 or more rhinos, it is the biggest concentration of rhinos in the country now. The area is circled by layers of cameras and no rhinos are being poached! BRR Founder Helena Kriel and SA director Karina Suter attended the Save the Waterberg Rhino gathering in March 2022 and learned that one remaining area in the Waterberg is not protected, and this area makes the entire region vulnerable. Our mission was clear — raise money to protect this area! BRR reached out to our friends Conserv Earth and the two organizations planned a splashy golf day to make this happen. Six months later we held our Golf Day in September for World Rhino Day and R500,000 was raised. That’s more than $27,000! These funds will be used to purchase security cameras for the “red zone,” the area that is still vulnerable.