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Friday, 6 January 2023   /   published in

Air Support – Oct 2022


Through our partner Rhino Connect, Baby Rhino Rescue has provided funding for helicopter time for a variety of situations.

* We funded helicopter flying time for anti-poaching patrols in the Northwest part of South Africa. An injured young elephant was spotted on this patrol and rescued, so unexpectedly we were also able to help another species!

* We were able to provide anti-poaching helicopter support in the Gravelot region of the country.

* We provided funding for fuel to a private farm in the Northwest part of the country so they could attend to patrols via road and aerial bat-hawks!

*  When an early morning call was received that a gunshot was heard in the Limpopo region, we enabled aerial surveillance. Thankfully after foot, anti-poaching dog, and air monitoring, all rhinos were accounted for. However, gunshots and cut fences were reported on a property close by. We enabled an all-security mobilization of the area and two teams of dog (K9) units. After a 36-hour hunt, everybody stood down, and the count of rhinos started. Thankfully there were no poached rhinos there!