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Monday, 30 May 2022   /   published in

Project LoRa Collars – May 2022


Our Mother’s Day campaign “Mothers for Mothers” was a huge success. We raised enough money to purchase six LoRa collars to be placed onto rhino moms’ ankles at Marataba Conservation. Baby Rhino Rescue is purchasing an additional three so that we can donate nine collars in total. These collars relay the exact location of each animal so reserve owners know where their rhinos are at all times.  In addition, these specialty collars also learn the animal’s typical behavior – how fast it moves, when it rests, walks, and eats. When that typical behavior changes, the anti-poaching team is alerted and because they have the coordinates, can get there quickly. Imagine, these rhino moms will be walking much more safely, with their babies by their sides!