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Friday, 30 December 2022   /   published in

Veterinary Help – Oct 2022


Baby Rhino Rescue is one of the few organizations that help private rhino owners (PROs) with their expenses. And since 75% of South Africa’s rhinos are in their hands, they are a very important piece of the puzzle. With our partner Rhino Connect, we aid these heroes every month.

* BRR provided funding for wildlife veterinarian Dr. Boshoff to assist with the relocation of two young white rhino bulls. This relocation was not related to poachers – a more mature bull rhino was bullying them and had already killed a younger rhino! They were darted and moved for their safety.

* We were able to come to the aid of an injured black rhino in the Limpopo area by offering veterinary funding.

* We funded the treatment of Junior, an injured rhino in the Bela-Bela area. He had two untreated festering gunshot wounds. Junior was unable to walk properly, but after having the bullets removed, he is on his way to recovery.

* BRR funded the work of veterinarian Dr. Beverley in treating another injured rhino in the Bela-Bela area. He was struggling with a previously treated wound.