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Monday, 8 May 2017   /   published in Rhinos

Raising Awareness About Rhino Horn: Vietnam gets bold

Several rhino themed wall paintings have appeared around Saigon in Vietnam recently.

Founded in 2013, ChangeVN fights climate change and promotes wildlife conservation in Vietnam.

In 2014 they partnered with NGO WildACT to create “Stop Usng Rhino Horn Campaign.

Their aim s to raise local awareness to reduce local demand.

Vietnam is the number ONE consumer of rhino horn. They drove their own Javan rhino to extinction 7 years ago. Consumers believe horn is a cure for disease and a symbol of wealth.

ChangeVN targets the business community because it believes they are the main consumers.

They reach out in schools, pagodas and online.
This campaign is about EDUCATION. One innovative segment asked viewers to bite their fingernails to demonstrate that THIS is what rhino horn is composed of.

The wall painting was a huge project. Vietnamese and international stars were invited and they signed a massive drawing of a rhino horn. People watched the artists painting and asked what this was about. Some knew about the rhino crisis; others did not.

This is a significant contribution to global efforts to stem the poaching of the rhino.