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Sunday, 25 August 2019   /   published in Poaching, Rangers

Rangers at the War for Conservation

ANGERS at the War for Conservation, always working in precarious conditions, with a constant uncertainty of what to expect but always willing to risk their lives to ensure the preservation of Africa´s habitats and its species.
These unknown and misunderstood Conservation Heroes spend the majority of their lives in the field, fighting against poachers and the illegal bush meat trade.

Have a closer and vivid look at the lives of these heroes through the eyes of the International League of Conservation Photographer and conservationist Peter Chadwick. Driven by his dad´s passion for conservation and his love for photography, – I fondly remember many special moments walking with him through the bush tracking and learning about rhinos from a very young age-, he has used his powerful images to impact, inspire and promote action to create real change.

Rhino poaching gang arrest and crime scene, Phinda Private Game Reserve, Zululand, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

His “Ranger Legacy” conservation photography project will give you a glimpse into the lives of the rangers.

For a moment, let us be a Ranger!

As part of their varied duties, rangers are responsible for protecting all species against poachers and not only the elephants. They are guardians facing tremendous challenges at the frontline in the war against poaching and the protection of the environment.

Apart from dealing with the horrors of poaching, there are still special moments that make the effort and hardship worthwhile.

While in patrol, poachers wounded a white rhino bull and a decision was taken to try and dart and treat the wounded animal. Unfortunately, the vet that was needed for this operation was only available in a few days time. With it also being full moon when there is increased activity by the poachers, anti-poaching operations had increased on the protected area.