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Sunday, 21 August 2016   /   published in Black Rhino, Nature, White Rhino

Rhinos Facts101

  1. A newborn rhino should be up and walking within an hour after birth but will remain wobbly for a few days.
  2. Average birth weight in black rhinos is 35.5kg and 62.7kg in white rhinos.
  3. A newborn rhino should start nursing from its mom within the first five hours, and start grazing at around 2 months.
  4. African rhinos don’t have canines or incisors, but they do have big premolars and molars adapted for grinding vegetation.
  5. White rhino calves run in front of their mothers while black rhino calves run behind their mothers during flight.
  6. Rhinos can run up to 40-50kph or 25-31 mph and are much faster than humans.
  7. Rhinos have acute hearing and smell but poor eyesight.
  8. They like to wallow, dust bathe, rub and scratch against trees and rocks.
  9. Mud provides protection against ticks, biting insects and the sun.
  10. Mud also seals small wounds and prevents infestation by blowflies.
  11. Rhinos use dung piles called middens.
  12. Sometimes rhinos lick termite mounds to get minerals.
  13. White rhinos can’t swim because their heads point downwards but they lie in shallow water to cool off.
  14. Over 6,000 rhinos have been killed in Africa in the last decade. 25,000 remain.