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Thursday, 25 February 2016   /   published in South Africa

RIP Valentine

Baby Rhino Rescue is sorry to report that Valentine, a baby rhino brought to Care for Wild Africa with severe wounds inflicted by machetes, died on February 23 despite heroic efforts and 24/7 care to save her. RIP sweet innocent baby Rhino.

Report from C4WA Facebook page:

We are very sad to report after an immense fight, Valentine, the white rhino calf that was mauled by lions after her mother was poached in the Kruger National Park, has passed away. Her dehydration and her wounds were too severe, as she was left with her tail ripped off as well as a huge wound on her backside, causing her lots of pain. Although she fought hard, she was never out of danger and her fight for survival was a huge challenge from the start. During our time with Valentine we have learned a lot, particularly about how we can develop better technologies to treat and to save this amazing species.