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Saving the Survivors was founded by veterinarian Dr. Johan Marais in 2012 with the goal to provide care and treatment for wildlife that have suffered due to the impact of man, mainly through poaching. As a field-based project, STS assists various wildlife species across Africa and Asia. Dr. Marais and his new team of experts began to tackle the poaching crisis from a veterinary perspective. The countless animals saved has given Johan Marais the worldwide recognition he deserves, as one of South Africa’s true national treasures.

In 2021, Baby Rhino Rescue partnered with Saving the Survivors to help Seha, the most wounded of all poaching survivors. Saving him from a small enclosure and putting him back into the bush became an international BRR campaign and our most successful one to date. After enduring over 30 treatments, this hero was on his way to the wild.

In just four short months, through the generosity of our amazing donors, we had the funds to move Seha from his enclosure in Bela Bela to an enclosed area at Marataba Conservation in the Waterberg. We also raised enough money to purchase two females, Chilli and Daki, for companionship and to move them from within the Marataba game reserve into this same enclosed area. The idea was that he would use his sense of smell to locate the two females. It was only discovered after they had all been moved that Seha has no sense of smell! What ensued was a lonely time for the rhino. He remained isolated. Within that time period, we all received a big surprise – both Chilli and Daki were pregnant when they were moved! Both females have since given birth – one female and one male calf are alive and well, living by their mothers’ sides. Seha and “The Ladies” story continues. To give Seha, the females, and the calves the best possible chance of a wild and safe life, they were moved once more to an enclosed area within a game reserve in northern Limpopo.

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Through symbolic adoption, you become part of the systematic plan to save the rhino.  All donations go to Baby Rhino Rescue to be disbursed by the Board of Directors. Symbolic support for a specific rhino means the donor will receive updates about projects and rhinos through social media, our newsletters, and our website. Neither the sanctuaries/reserves we support nor Baby Rhino Rescue can guarantee funds go to a specific rhino.

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As one of “The Ladies,” Daki was purchased by Baby Rhino Rescue in 2021 to be one of Seha’s companions in his new home.


As one of “The Ladies,” Chilli was purchased by Baby Rhino Rescue in 2021 to be one of Seha’s companions in his new home.