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BRR works with its partners to establish what is most important for the survival of the species. Each month BRR funds different programs at the two biggest rhino sanctuaries in the world.

As the numbers of rhinos in “the wild” plummet, and the Kruger National Park is seen as “a killing field”, it becomes critically important to create safe zones for the rhinos to have wild lives, and to be able to breed in peace. Experts in the rhino field all unanimously agree: the rhino will be saved from extinction by:

1. Safe keeping in privately funded strongholds
2. Community projects that support the surrounding communities, creating essential allies in the fight.



Heeding this, BRR has worked hard and established 3 STRONGHOLDS for the rhinos at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Click on the button below for more details.


We have provided safe areas with state of the art electrified perimeter fencing. These Intensive Protective Zones are patrolled 24/7 by armed and trained guards and dogs, as well as a mounted horse patrol. These strongholds allow for stage 3 in the Rescue/Rehabilitate/Release program.

Once the rhinos are rehabilitated and fully weaned, they are released into the strongholds so they can wander, graze, have mud baths, wade in rivers and have real “rhino lives.” The rhinos are approaching breeding age, so we can look forward to the great news that one of the cows is pregnant.

Can we fully express how exciting it will be when a safe, baby rhino is born into one of the strongholds?