Baby Rhino Rescue X Donate or Adopt

Wednesday, 22 June 2016   /   published in Care for Wild, Kids Events, Rescue

Students at CAS lead the fight for rhinos!

Grade 2 and 3 students at Collegiate American School in Dubai
painting a rhino banner for their school.

Collegiate American School (CAS) in Dubai has demonstrated true global citizenship yet again! Earlier this year, their Grade 2 learners were motivated to adopt a baby rhino by BRR’s ambassador, Isaac Kriel. After hearing about the trauma that young rhinos suffer, they very quickly raised funds to adopt baby rhino Forrest. This past week, CAS learners did it again! The grade 3, 4, and 5 students were challenged to adopt a baby rhino and they wholeheartedly and enthusiastically responded. Through their efforts, one more baby rhino is safe. And Don is that lucky rhino.

CAS is the first school in Dubai to partner with BRR in saving the rhino from extinction. They have demonstrated responsible global citizenship, showing that learning through action, and getting involved in important causes from a young age, is important. We congratulate and thank CAS for acting on these important principles!

Well done, CAS!!
You are truly the eco-leaders of the future. You have shown vision, heart and great generosity.
With young people like you in the world, we can look forward to a beautiful future, where our animals will be safe.
Forrest and Don send big rhino kisses of thanks to you all!