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Wednesday, 26 October 2016   /   published in Kids Events

Taking the plight of the rhino to Dubai American Academy’s student council

Baby Rhino Rescue and the super dynamic 2016  / 2017 Student Council.


Baby Rhino Rescue’s Ambassadors, Isaac and Eve, were invited to Dubai American Academy (DAA) to address their student council. Isaac and Eve were received by an incredibly enthusiastic
and supportive group of students from grade 3, 4, and 5 who were very eager to learn more about why rhinos are endangered.

Isaac pointed out the rhinos had survived on the planet for 55 millions years. However, because of the demand for rhino horn from Asia, poaching has severely dented rhino populations in Africa and much of Asia. Isaac explained that it was his wish to protect as many of this iconic species as possible. He presented some examples of how he and the other ambassadors were working
towards this goal. Without hesitation, DAA’s students offered their support and started thinking about ways to be involved.

If your school is interested in finding out how it can be involved in supporting orphaned baby rhinos, click here.