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Primary (Grades K – 2)

Lesson 1: What is an endangered species?


What does endangered mean?

Introduce students to endangered species using the video below.

Lesson 2: What is a rhino?

Part 1
In these activities, students will be introduced to the rhino species.

Lesson 2: What is a rhino?

Part 2

In this activity students continue to learn about rhinos by either drawing or creating their own rhino.

Create your own rhino

Students learn about the features that make a rhino special. Before looking at the presentation, have students fill out the Rhino by the Numbers worksheet.

After this exercise, students can write their own rhino fact and post it around the classroom. Or they can use facts found in this document:

Drawing rhinos – have students watch this video to learn how to draw their own rhino.

Next, you can create your own rhino for your classroom, like students have done below.

This rhino is made using paper boxes, water bottles and paper mache:

This rhino is made using a wire mesh and Nespresso pods or K-cups.

Your imagination is your limit.

Lesson 3: Why are rhinos endangered?

In this lesson, students will follow along with the stories of Warren and Annie, two baby rhinos. At the end of the stories, students can discuss or draw how they wish the story to end.

Meet Warren and Annie

Teacher reads aloud and students follow along with the presentations.

Teacher can print slide 8 (Warren) or 10 (Annie) for students to complete. Once completed students can share with each other.

Lesson 4: How do people help rhinos?

In this lesson students will learn what it takes to feed baby rhinos and what is being done to help save rhinos.

Just like a baby!

Teacher can bring in 2-litre Coke bottles and share information on what and how orphaned baby rhinos eat.