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a mother and baby rhino

The Waterberg is historically an important area for rhino conservation. This importance has only increased exponentially as both Kruger National Park and Kwa-Zulu Natal rhino populations have been decimated by poaching. The area has low human population, few roads, and a huge amount of land invested in conservation. The Waterberg security system is in good shape with crime generally being kept in check. There has been a very systematic, well planned and coordinated program with continual interventions that have proven successful in deterring criminal networks. This has made it possible to protect many of the rhinos living wild there, even in the face of persistent rhino poaching.

Baby Rhino Rescue donations to WLA help fund the Waterberg Rhino Protection Stronghold Project. 100% of the funds are allocated towards the cost of technology and infrastructure that will directly increase the security potential of the area and thereby to all rhinos living there. The result? Arrests. Averted poaching. A three million hectare secure stronghold that protects both black and white rhino and where rhino numbers increase to secure the future of the species.